informed consent information for transition

Informed Consent

Informed consent asks you to consider the expected benefits and the possible side effects of hormone therapy, so that you can decide with your medical provider, if hormone therapy is right for you.

When you sign the Informed Consent Form, you will be stating that you have discussed the risks and benefits with your medical provider or a member of the medical team and that you understand how these benefits and risks apply to you personally.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) may help you feel more at ease with yourself, both physically and psychologically.

HRT causes physical changes, such as breast development for those on estrogen or facial hair growth for those on testosterone, which may increase your comfort with your gender presentation. HRT is often the first medical treatment people seek when they start to transition, and it may be the only medical treatment you feel you need during your transition.

To maintain the changes caused by HRT, you will need to take hormones for the rest of your life. Because it is a medical treatment, you will need to see your medical provider regularly to ensure your body is responding to the hormones in an appropriate and healthy way. Although there are many benefits to HRT, there is potential for serious side effects, so it is important to communicate any changes or irregularities to your provider so they can identify any problems early on.
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